A little bit of history

Rapa Nui, a paradisiacal and mysterious island, land of the King Hotu Matua, was discovered by the Dutch Jacob Roggeween, on Easter Sunday in 1722, revealing the world an ancient and unknown civilization of Polynesia.

Its imposing stone monuments make Easter Island one of the world’s largest outdoor museums. Rapa Nui, captivating for its beaches, mysterious for its Moai, privileged for its nature, shows a civilization that struggle to not disappear and converse its traditions.

Thus, organizations such as UNESCO declared Easter Island as a world heritage site in 1995.

EASTER ISLAND - RAPA NUI / Country: Chile / Ocean: South Pacific / Surface: 185 KM2 / Capital: Hanga Roa / Population: 5035 habitants (2011) / Density: 30,8 hab/km2 / It is the most remote island in the world, it is located 3680 KM away from chilean coast and 4050 KM away from Tahiti. / Island Activities: Tourism and fishing / Time Difference: (GMT-4) Santiago, Chile -2 hours / Electricity: 220 V.

Getting there

By plane. The only airline that flies to Easter Island is LAN Airlines, taking off from Santiago de Chile International Airport Arturo Merino Benitez or from Papeete, Tahiti.

What to bring

Light clothes, comfortable shoes, shorts, shirt, jacket, sunglasses and sunscreen. In winter be sure to bring a sweater and a light jacket that protects from sudden rainfall.


The climate is subtropical oceanic with intermittent rain all year, warm temperatures between 15 and 27 degrees Celsius and an average humidity of 77%. / Coldest month: July/August (14.7° - 17° C) / Warmest month: January & February (23.8° - 27° C) / Wettest months: May


Rapa Nui and Spanish. Tour operators or guides generally speak English, German, and French, etc.


Chilean Peso. U.S. Dollar and Euros are generally accepted. Moreover in some places they accept credit cards like Visa, Diners, and MasterCard and American Express.

Banks and ATM

There are two banks on the island: Santander bank and Banco Estado that are located in the center of Hanga Roa. Both provide ATM.

Tapati festivity-Rapa Nui (Two First weeks of February every year)

Tapati Rapa Nui: It is a beautiful celebration that happens in February and during two weeks every group or families have to take a series of tests to have its representative elected queen.