To understand and appreciate Rapa Nui culture, it is important to realize some tours in and outside Hanga Roa village.

Our hotel offers tours, which can be arranged before your arrival, letting you enjoy peacefully your stay in Easter Island. Visits are guided in English and Spanish. Languages like German, French, Japanese and Italian should be requested in advance.

To visit parks, you will have to buy ticket entrances beforehand that will allow you to access the interesting sites. You can buy the ticket directly at the airport or in other authorized places.

TOURISTIC TOURS (Regular or private tours)

Full day tour: Departure from Hanga Roa, visit South-East & North-East coasts, the temples of Ahu Vaihu, Aka Hanga, Ahu Tongariki, Te Pito Kura, Ahu Nau Nau, cavern of Rano Raraku, Anakena beach and Fundo Vaitea. Return at the village. / Picnic lunch is included. / Duration: 8 hours.

Half-Day Tour: Departure from the hotel, visit of the archeological complex of Tahai, Rano Kao volcan and the ceremonial city of Orongo. Return at the village. / Duration: 3.5 hours

Half-Day Tour: Departure from the hotel, visit of Ahu Vinapu, Puna Pao quarry, Ahu Akivi and Ana Te Pahu cavern. Return to Hanga Roa. / Duration: 3.5 hours

City Tour Departure from the hotel to visit the artisanal market, the archeological museum, the Catholic Church and Anakai Tangat cavern (with cave paintings inside). Return to the hotel. / Duration: 3.5 hours

Half Day Tour (Adventure 4X4) Departure from Hanga Roa to visit part of the Nord-West coast, Ahu Akapu, Ana Kakenga caverns and Te Pora, Ahu Te peu and Ovahe beach. Return to Hanga Roa. / Duration: 4 hours.

Diving This marine excursion can be done all year depending on weather conditions. The best period is from September to April.


There are two options to choose from. Both include shuttle to and from the ranch.

Option One Ana Kakeenga: Cavern with a small entrance and a spacious interior, finishing in a cliff with two windows opened with a spectacular view on the ocean and the islet of Motu Tautara. Second stop at Ana Te Pahu: a lava tube that was used as a refuge during tribal wars. This cavern is approximately 65mts long. Ahu Akivi: Ceremonial platform, with seven Moai that represents the first explorers that came to the island send by the king Hotu Matua. This platform was reconstructed by the American archaeologist William Mulloy in 1960. Maunga Roiho: Exclusive view on the island different landscapes.

Option Two Maunga Terevaka: Visit of the top of the island through Ahu Akivi, taking a path up to a volcanic crater with a lake covered by reed called Rano Aroi and continuing to the highest point of the island, Terevaka Maunga (560-580 Mts. Approx). After that you will be able to enjoy the view, rest a little and take pictures before the return to Hanga Roa.

Boat Tours Boat tours will only be realized if weather conditions are optimal. During winter the majority of boat tours are cancelled unless the weather allows it. The transfer to the port is included. The boat tours last approximately 3 to 3.5 hours. Leaving the bay of Hanga Piko you will follow the direction of the cliff tower Rano Kau, sailing through the coast you will be able to admire the natural formations of different caves, Ana Kai Tangata. Continuing from here, around the cliffs of Rano Kau you will appreciate a spectacular view on the small islands of Motu Iti, Motu Nui and Motu Kao Kao. On your left you will see the cliffs that surround the village of Orongo, better known as the place of birdman contemplation.

Rent a Car All Jeeps rented on the island are comfortable and with manual transmissions. If you want a larger vehicle, you can request a van or truck. If you do not drive, you can also hire a driver.